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Cunningham knocks down Fury

Cunningham knocks Fury down with an overhand right

I have recently taken up shooting boxing matches for a friend at  I’ve always been fascinated by the primal drama of boxing and getting the opportunity to shoot a few fights has been both exciting and educational.   So, what does shooting boxing have to do with shooting headshots?  Actually, there are a few important similarities.  A boxing photographer is looking for shapes, angles and composition, just like I do when I’m helping create the pose for a powerful headshot.  The framing should be beautiful and create a tantalizing blend of balance and tension.  But, the most important skill for a photographer to develop in both genres is timing – it’s all about defining the peak moment of action, both in the ring and in the studio.  Capturing the definitive moment of an expression puts the “punch” into a portrait.  It’s a combination of preparation, anticipation, and readiness.  Here it comes…be alert…Ka-Pow!  Knockout!