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Recently, we had the privilege of taking publicity photographs of Victoria Lasdon Rose, the esteemed publisher of US Magazine Weekly.  It was an honor to be chosen as her photographer because she obviously had a large pool of photographers to choose from.  It was equally rewarding to be remembered from a past shoot over 17 years ago, when we took her photo as the publisher of Mademoiselle.  Returning clientele is the validation we seek through maximum effort in every session we shoot!  Make-up and Hair was, of course, by the talented and wonderful Kerry-Lou!

Victoria Lasdon Rose, Publisher, US Magazine Weekly


I love shooting writers!  I was recently contacted by Jake Breeden, iconoclast, corporate consultant and author of the soon to be released “Tipping Sacred Cows: Kick the Bad Work Habits that Masquerade as Virtues”  You can check out Jake’s website at  After a discussion of concepts and pre-planning, Jake flew in from Chapel Hill, NC to do his new author and website photos.  It was fun to help Jake clarify the image he wanted to capture.  We created a plan and my job was to capture the confidence and warmth that Jake projects.  Here, (on left) is his old photo and (right) is the new shot we did for Jake.

Jake’s Old Shot

Jake's new shot

Jake’s New Shot by Joe Henson






We’re both very proud of what we created!  Good luck with your career Jake!! Many of you who know us are aware that in addition to our portrait business, we also love creating Fine Art images. I’ve been putting extra effort into pursuing gallery representation and we have had success in generating shows over the past few years. Please stop by the new site, you’ll see our current portfolio and find information on galleries that show my work and also information on ordering images. Please be aware that the site does contain artistic nude images.

Last month I received an email from Backstage asking me to submit two of my favorite headshots with an explanation of my shooting philosophy and specifics regarding the images I had chosen.  It seemed like an interesting proposal and I immediately started considering which images I would choose.  When I went back to re-read the email to see what size images to submit and how long the explanation should be, I noticed the subject line of the email.  It said To: Joe Henson…and 454 others!  When I clicked on the 454 others, I saw an endless list of headshot photographers who had been sent the same email.  454 others!  I knew that the market was getting saturated with photographers since the advent of digital, but WHOA!

I decided to go through with the submission anyway, curious about how my work would stack up against the potential 454 others’ work.  These are the photos I chose and this is what I had to say…

Last night I received an email directing me to this link  I was one of 14 photographers in New York whose work was chosen to be featured!

My takeaway from this experience?  14 in 454 odds are…not so bad!  

Congratulations to our client, G M Malliet on the publication of her new mystery “Wicked Autumn“!

G. M. won the Agatha Award for Death of a Cozy Writer, which initially won the Malice Domestic grant, G.M. MALLIET attended Oxford University and holds a graduate degree from the University of Cambridge, the setting for her previous series, the St. Just mysteries.

We had a wonderful shoot in Washington DC this past June and are honored that she is using our portrait as her author photo!  

Kerry-Lou and I are excited about a new project incorporating beauty and body painting! We spent last Sunday night with a very patient model, Susannah, who stood stock still for over three hours of Kerry-Lou’s air brushing and body painting. The theme of this shot is “Summer” and we’re planning more images to add to the mix. Check back soon for more installments…

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